Tuition fee €700 per programme
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Humans as social beings are wired to connect. Through socialization and communication, we are able to construct and accomplish relationships and connections which can enrich our lives. Nevertheless, our interaction with others is not always easy and sometimes causes negative consequences, it can often be observed that negative emotions in most cases lead to the result that a person avoids communicating with others. But evasion and communication reduction is not an answer and will never assist in solving the problems. To become self-confident and return the joy of human interaction people need to make a small step forward – upgrade their emotional intelligence! Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflicts. It is important to point out that the newest studies reveal relationships between emotional intelligence, interpersonal competencies and job performance, as understanding others plays a crucial role in positions which require frequent social contacts.

Buy the way – do you know that emotional intelligence is the only thing that is not achievable by artificial intelligence. Only humans can ensure such behaviour as empathy, motivation, understanding and interaction with other people.

Summer school participants during interactive lectures and practical workshops will develop their personal key competencies and improve the skills that will help to control their emotions and ensure that emotions will work for them.

Programme structure

The programme includes workshops and lectures in:
-Self-awareness and Self-regulation
-Leadership and Decision Making
-Social Skills, Motivation and Empathy
-Stress Management and Mental Wellbeing

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment