Tuition fee €800 per programme
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Global Creative Industries Economy in the last ten years made a huge breakthrough and now creative services and production value raised up enormously and reached 624 billion US dollars. In the last decade Creative Industries are considered as not only a remarkable employer, but also it works as an innovation generator that helps to develop also other economic spectrums.

Heavy shock was brought by the global COVID-19 pandemic. The unstoppable disease affected everything including entrepreneurship and especially Creative Industries as cultural and creative industries have been among the first sectors to shut their doors and they will be among the last to reopen.

The COVID-19 crisis revealed that the cultural and creative industries are more economically important than ever as more than 50 million people across the globe are self-registered as working in the creative industries.

Due to the facts mentioned above this is a crucial time for Creative Industries and this is why RTU International Cooperation and Foreign Students Department (ICFSD) is organizing the summer school to develop directions that might help to foster new opportunities in the industry.

The summer school will focus on engineering contributions that can be useful in Creative Industries and might reveal new and attractive business ideas.

Summer school’s approach will emphasize product design, user needs, creative thinking, and sustainability.

Students will be able to implement their ideas starting from catchy vision up to a well-considered and physical prototype.

The summer program’s main aim is to improve participants’ professional abilities that will help them successfully start their captivating voyage in the exciting and dynamic field of Creative Industries.

Programme structure

The programme includes workshops and lectures in:
-Design & Technologies for Sustainability
-Design Marketing
-Product Life Cycle and Quality System Management
-User-Cantered Design
-Design Commentary and Criticism
-New Product Design
-Integrated product design and development

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment