Tuition fee €800 per programme
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Urban, Indoor Gardening and Design is a specially designed summer school that will focus on phenomena that is and will be significant for many years from now on.

Summer school welcomes everyone who is not afraid to get their hands dirty in the name of the common goal – save our planet Earth!

The summer program is suitable for those who feel responsible for future generations and understand the significance of each step we are making towards climate change impact decrease.

In the 21st-century world population growth, the need for carbon footprint reduction, the increasing rise of sustainability solutions, demand for healthy and safe food are just a few of the criteria why humankind needs to learn how to cultivate their own food in and around urban areas.

The Summer School aims to centre on topics that are related to the whole concept of Urban and indoor gardening. During intense two weeks, participants will be able to understand the social factor that this movement brings along to all the society. Summer school students will have classes that are related to soil, water, non-synthetic fertilizers, they will learn about sustainable agriculture, visit farms and meet local urban garden neighbourhoods, and also in hands-on workshops will have a chance to build next-generation flowerbeds.

Programme structure

The programme includes workshops and lectures in:
-Urban Gardening as a Platform for Social Integration and Interaction
-Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production
-Soil Chemistry, Water Recycling, Natural, Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers
-Urban Gardening as an Effective Business Approach
-Indoor Gardening: Benefits and Tips
-Urban Gardening Design