Tuition fee €3,800 per year
Application fee €150 one-time
Deposit €250 one-time
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E-learning technologies are a new and fast-growing interdisciplinary research industry. It aims at
developing e-ecosystems as a response to the challenges of the future industry and the public sector’s digital needs. The main topics are the education, use and creation of e-learning-based study methods and technologies for education. Topics include advanced development of e-learning content, integration of reusable e-learning resources, implementation of e-learning processes, data mining, analysis, visualization, and interpretation of e-learning technologies.
This master’s degree programme graduates will be high-level experts in planning, creating, and analyzing of e-content, which includes decision-making based on educational data. Graduates’ competencies will be in high demand in state administration, local government, educational institutions, private enterprises, and lifelong learning projects. Graduates will be able to manage strategies for lifelong learning based on e-learning research and technologies. Graduates of this programme will be prepared for research in the field of e-learning technology.
The programme contributes to the development of human capital for the information and communication technology (ICT) sectoral needs, by training highly qualified specialists and also improving existing specialist expertise in ICT.
The target group of this programme will acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to become involved in the processes of knowledge society effectively and efficiently.

Programme structure

Extramural studies – 90 % of study load contributes to individual studies with e-learning support and 10 % of study load are delivered as webinars.

Career opportunities

The expediency of the master’s academic study programme “E-learning technologies” is evidenced by the growing demand for interdisciplinary specialists with competences in information and communication technologies and engineering in the Latvian and international job-markets.
The program promotes development of human capital for the advancements in ICT sector which is one of the priorities for Latvia’s development.
Graduates’ competencies will be in high demand in state administration, municipalities, educational
institutions, private enterprises, lifelong learning projects, and different projects that require development of e-learning design and content.
Within the framework of this programme, students will have the opportunity to further develop more in depth competencies and skills stated above. The master’s academic programme “E-learning technologies” synthesises and integrates skills and competences in accordance with the equirements of European Union and job-markets of the digital age.

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Not available for applying at the moment